Thursday, 21 January 2016

Thankful Thursday

I'm very thankful for a large parcel that arrived one day last week. 

I've posted before about my Great Aunt Joy who emigrated to Australia - she gave me a Nottingham lace bedspread some years ago, which was designed by her Grandfather William Bucknall.

Sadly Auntie Joy passed away in July last year at the grand age of 90. She and her husband, Don, my grandmother's brother, had enjoyed a fantastic life in Australia, making many new friends along the way. 

It was one of these friends that was kind enough to send me today's parcel which contains Joy & Don's photo albums. 

I'm over the moon to receive them, especially as they all seem to be dated and labelled with both names and places.
I'm intending to scan the most relevant ones and share them with the rest of the family (whether they like it or not!) via Dropbox.

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