Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Nottingham Oldhams....continued

I have been trying to discover who the William Henry Oldham is that shares a grave with my 4x great grandfather in the Nottingham General Cemetery.

I have managed to find him in the census of 1871 and 1881, living with his French born wife, Elizabeth, so it is possible that he spent the previous years in France, which explains his non-appearance in previous census returns.  He is shown as a lace maker in the census, which fits in nicely with the rest of the family.  William died in 1885, so I have come to the end of anything the census may show.

So the next step was to send off for his birth certificate, which arrived the other day.

I was delighted to see that his mother's maiden name was Oldknow, which probably explains the mystery of this being used as a middle name through the following generations of children.

I think he may be the brother of my 3x great grandfather, Thomas Oldknow Oldham, who was born around 1834 and whose birth I haven't yet found.

So it's back to the Nottingham archives to check this out!

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